Click here to read Dr. Tom Buggey's blog about our work with VSM and VPM in anAustralian school.
Click here to view a recent Google Hangout Autism Brainstorm featuring Anthea Naylor, Shane Spence  and Dr. Tom Buggey discussing VSM.

VSM Research

Click here to read recent research and findings on VSM.
Click here to read research by Dr. Peter Dowrick, pioneering researcher of Video Self Modelling.
Click here to see Dr. Tom Buggey talk about his work with VSM in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and view some samples he has created.
Click here to read a meta-analysis of Video Self Modelling by Dr Scott Bellini and Jennifer Akullian, Indiana University, 2007.
Click here to read a research paper 'Increasing independence in children with autism spectrum disorders using video self modeling' Julie Iberer Bucalos, University of Louisville2013.